Unlimited Generators 1.2 - Released !

Why you need UGenerators?

    Solve Problems and Increase Profit!

What Problems can UGeneratos Solve?

Accounting Problems

Electrical Network Problems

Mechanical Problems

- Absence of profit calculation
- The accumulation of debt
- Modification Requests
- Coordination between the accounting and technical staff
- Monthly Billing
- Lack of control over discounts
- Complication in subscriber history
- Late payments
- Waste in Expenses
- Complications of pricing
- Absence of Financial view

- Boards and switches problems
- Theft of electricity
- Cheating in switches capacity
- Defect in Technical work

- Stealing Fuel & equipment
- Scheduling generators maintenance

Software Sections

Accounting & Subscriptions

This section is for managing customers' profiles and subscriptions with all details (Renew, Modify, Discounts, Payments, Late excuses... ) in addition to managing the cash box transactions (Debit, Credit, Expenses, ...)
this section include also a group of reports; Subscriptions Report during a specific month, Loans Report, and Financial Report that calculate the cost of 5 ampere.

Alarms Sections

Alarms are designed to notify the user about performing critical actions (Install new switch, Modify switch capacity, cut and reconnect electricity). all alarms are visible in the main page until the user solve them.This section include also the General Alarms and Financial Alarms.

Admin Section

Admin Section allows the user to manage Users list with roles, Expenses types, Agents list, Monthly Pricing lists, Configurations and Manage Employees list with financial control.

Electrical Section

Manage Boards list and cables list, Boards Checkup and maintenance, Cables checkup, reporting and cables/boards alarms

Mechanical Section

Manage Generators list, Generator's maintenance operations and Alarms about due maintenance . Manage Stock and Items/Oils Orders. Manage Fuel Bills and Fuel Consuming.

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